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Acre is a small business who serves their neighbors and neighboring communities in the transportation of firewood and transformation of their lawns. They fell and transport only the best mother nature has to offer, offering firewood and high-end landscaping.


Since 1973, Brother's ice cream has been selling their delightful ice cream bonbons and treats. In 2019, Brother's came to us looking to breathe new life into their tired and traditional packaging. They started out selling their delectable desserts in global brands like Walmart and local grocery stores. In hopes of transitioning to local gas stations and convenience stores, Brother’s expanded their product to include smaller, bite-sized packages of three bon bons rather than their traditional twelve.


A boutique candle company in Albany, California, Demby Co. came to us with a passion and clear vision for their future. After success with selling their high quality and hand made wooden wick candles at craft fairs, weekend markets, and boutique stores, Demby sought to make a change and establish a consistent brand. We helped Demby Co. to realize their vision and elevated their image to meet the reputation of the artisanal candles they sell.


Skinny B prides themselves on their product line of “guilt-free cocktails”. The Skinny B canned cocktails are for the health-conscious consumer; those who want the social lubrication alcohol offers for beer-drinking occasions without compromising on calories or sugar intake. The origin of their company derives itself from the famed Belgian cocktail called “the skinny bitch”. They describe their brand as rebellious, unconventional, but real.


Kombucheriet is a Kombucha brewing company in Bagarmasson, Sweden. Husband-and-wife team Fredrik and Ailin built this company from the ground up in 2007. Unlike other Kombucha brands, theirs is unfiltered, meaning that the microorganisms stay inside your drink. They operate the business on the principles that life should be like their drink: healthy, spicy and full of flavor!


Open Road Coffee Company is known for their craft small-batch Nitro Cold Brew Coffee, served straight off the tap from a vintage Mercedes Benz bus. Made in the mountains of Northwest Montana, they use only premium coffee to bring their happy customers just the right balance of flavor, texture and taste.


Old Kalew was founded on the legend of Kalevipoeg, an epic poem held to be the Estonian national Epic. With the harrowing tale of tremendous strength of Kalevipoeg as their inspiration, the label for this Estonian spirit is timeless, elegant and rich with the history of Estonia's culture.


Verta Associates is a dedicated group of professionals that provide superyacht finance solutions, from sourcing to completion. Verta prides themselves on being “a different kind of banking”.


In 2019, Jacky founded her business on the roots she planted making delicious, plant-based food for her friends and family. As a doctor, she is passionate about making our food our medicine. That’s why the flavorful recipes at Jacky’s Cuisine are always made with the highest quality ingredients.


Magis Cider Co. is a business that is always testing limits, exploring all the options, and reaching for more. They are a business who does not accept mediocre or “good enough”. With that mantra leading their brand, Magis crafts their marvelous ciders in Cleveland, Ohio.


Terre Ferme pottery was founded on the principle of embracing the handmade process and its traces; this looks like mugs that are not always perfectly round, pots that have a rustic and handmade feel, and a real person crafting in place of a robot. A company whose ideals are passion and introspection, Terre Ferme’s work can be described as unique, whimsical and feminine.