Skinny B prides themselves on their product line of “guilt-free cocktails”. The Skinny B canned cocktails are for the health-conscious consumer; those who want the social lubrication alcohol offers for beer-drinking occasions without compromising on calories or sugar intake. The origin of their company derives itself from the famed Belgian cocktail called “the skinny bitch”. They describe their brand as rebellious, unconventional, but real.



We supported the brand and its ideals in label design for three of their beverages: the original, the whiskey cocktail, and the gin cocktail. We chose bright and bold colors to grab attention, and rounded all caps typography to simplify the information hierarchy. We also worked with the Skinny B brand in the beginning stages of logo development. Skinny B is a brand that tells it like it is. Real and straightforward being a key part of their personality and messaging, a simple and large “b” seemed fitting. What you see is the conceptual design for the Skinny B cocktail line. We can’t wait for them to hit stores in Belgium!