Zimnguva is a Zimbabwe-based company that provides consumers with home grown Soybean oil. They believe that cooking is an experience, and cooking, a journey. They are proud to bring their cold pressed and fortified soybean oil to so many kitchens.



Our goal was to develop packaging that created a desirable feeling or sense of self, while resonating with the customer to develop a habit of loyalty and create a strong relationship with the Zimnguva brand. Our solution was to paint a vivid picture of the product’s origin and to call upon the cultural connotations of Zimbabwean landscape. White the simplistic white background of the label contrasting the golden Soybean oil within the bottle, the emphasis is put on the range of monochromatic color and the opposing African-inspired patterns of the mountains.

A story is further told in the box packaging that hold the 2 litre bottles. A different kind of landscape is drawn, from the straining of the woman with a child on her back, to the gentle kneeling of someone picking the ripe soybean from its plant, up to the traditional ox-pulled plow in the distance. This is the heritage of the soybean oil brought to you on your grocery store shelf: a product that is proudly hand-grown, picked and milled to perfection in the fields of Southern, Africa.