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Kombucheriet is a Kombucha brewing company in Bagarmasson, Sweden. Husband-and-wife team Fredrik and Ailin built this company from the ground up in 2007. Unlike other Kombucha brands, theirs is unfiltered, meaning that the microorganisms stay inside your drink. They operate the business on the principles that life should be like their drink: healthy, spicy and full of flavor!

Kombucheriet came to us wanting to perfect their branding and launch their line of “Kick-ass Kombucha”. The aim was to create a simplistic yet edgy design, with a vibrant packaging to gain consumer attention, thus obtaining a strong shelf impact in their market. We used playful and bold pattern, a rough and expressive font and added small areas of pop color to get the desired result. Hierarchy played an integral role in the decision making process, all culminating in an emphasis on the product and its unique-to-flavor characteristic.

Client/ Kombucheriet Micro Brewery


Brand Identity

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