06 / 26 / 2020



With confidence, I can say this has been one of the most tiring and most  F U N  weddings I have done! ​Kalah (the bride) is my little cousin. (I shot her older sister Hannah's wedding in December of last year.) The wedding party was a whopping 14 people  N O T  including the bride and groom. It was an early start to the day because of the half dozen faces that needed makeup and heads of hair that needed primping. A few hours before the ceremony, Kalah and Nathan shared an intimate moment just for the two of them to hear, in which they shared the vows they wrote to each other.

The ceremony was held at an Alpaca Farm in Bridport, Vermont on a bright-shining day. In a field surrounded by grazing alpacas, they vowed before God and loved ones. Just 19 and 20, Kalah and Nathan are full of life and  E X U D E  joy. Though young, they show spiritual maturity beyond their years and made God a part of their relationship from the start. They made sure to keep God in the center of it during their ceremony, as Nathan's pastor gave a moving sermon and sprinkled scripture throughout their ceremony, reminding them of God's love as an example of how we ought to love one another.

The reception was held on site in an open air barn filled with twinkly lights, gorgeous slate blue fabric, and bohemian DIY decorations. I have never seen a bride and groom so happy to spend the whole night on the dance floor! They both  L O V E D  dancing with their guests. We slipped away from the dance floor later in the evening just long enough to capture the sun setting behind their silhouettes on what can absolutely be called a perfect day.