12 / 21 / 2019



There is something so magical and romantic about a Christmas wedding. Just four days before the birth of baby Jesus, Hannah and Johnny were wed. Christmas trees, candles and holiday greenery adorned the hall to make it even more magical a setting. This was a turning point wedding for me. The bride is my cousin, who I grew up playing with. I've done many weddings of relatives and friends, but this one was different. My skills as a wedding photographer really grew at this particular wedding (aided in part by a major equipment upgrade through the purchase of a Speedlite 470-EX AI!!) It was a challenging wedding to shoot. Snow all around us and the brisk winter air limited our time shooting outside and the location of both the ceremony and reception was in a dimly lit - albeit very romantic - barn like interior with a reddish hue. In other words - there was  N O  light.  My new Speedlite, coupled with fast reflexes and quick adjustments, honestly saved the day. I captured the laughter and joy as Hannah and Johnny's happy guests danced the night away! I even managed to sneak a few photographs of the groom himself enjoying a dance or two! (for anyone who knows Johnny, he doesn't dance). 

Though this wedding was close to home, being surrounded by friends and family that I grew up with, it was probably the first time I truly felt like a professional who belonged in her profession. Thank you, Hannah and Johnny, for trusting me to photograph the most important day of your life. Congratulations you two!!