APRIL 26, 2019

Shiloh and Ben had an intimate ceremony at the historic Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at 10 in the morning. This location had sentimental value for them because it was a few blocks away from where they had their first date. Shiloh and Ben do not indulge in material things, or need a lot of things to make them happy. They cherish their family and friends, and they cherish each other. Shiloh donned a simple and elegant wedding dress as her father walked her down the aisle to her beloved. The officiant's voice echoed throughout the cathedral ceilings of the church, and finally they sealed the ceremony with a gentle kiss.

After the ceremony, I walked with Shiloh and Ben to Rittenhouse Square, where they had their first date. They just talked and basked in the presence of their new spouse as I captured the raw memories of this day. For the reception, they had a quiet brunch with their dearest loved ones.